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Please note all my Services are my provided in my own home, unless discussed otherwise.

I am now excited to offer Zoom, Skype and Telephone Sessions alongside some pricing packages.

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Hands On Healing

This is one of my most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of my clients, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. Performed from the comfort of my own home you can ensure a relaxed environment and may start to see results in a couple of days or weeks after treatment. Some clients may only need one session where as others may need multiple sessions, this will be discussed on your consultation which is included on your first session.
Price per session £40.00

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Have you got to a point in life where you feel stuck and not sure what road to take?

Does your mind never shut off?

Are you constantly trying to please everyone except yourself?

Do you worry what others think and feel like your not good enough?

Do you lack confidence and self esteem?

In our sessions we will work together and resolve negative points you would like to change and take back control of your life.

Price per session £50.00


Hands on Healing & Coaching

This session includes both Coaching and Hands on Healing, I believe that we have to be in control of our emotions to run our lives in a calm manner, the mind can create blockages which can cause pain in our body. This is the reason of the name for my business. I feel that if our minds are at peace, it can also help relax and ease the pain in our bodies.

Price per session £60.00



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