Thank you to my valued clients I wish you nothing but happiness.

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Testimonials on Coaching

To all my valued clients, I wish you nothing but happiness.

Jess Thrower

Back in August 2017 It was suggested that I was to go and see Tina. I had received very little treatment (If any) for my depression and anxiety which had begun the previous year. Seeing Tina was definitely one of the best decisions for my recovery.
When I had my first session with Tina I remember being absolutely terrified to go because I used to think "How could anybody help me?", "It's too late", "I'm stuck this way!" Tina quickly explained to me about how my life was about to change and I finally felt I was on the road to gaining back my life: This was the first time someone had expressed hope to me and that things could change which was crucial for me to hear. I remember having zero confidence and I could barely look up when i was interacting with anyone. Thankfully, that has changed, I managed to gain confidence which i have always lacked.
Now I've taken more charge of my life and the directions I want to go, and it doesn't event terrify me, It makes me feel really proud of myself that I had the guts to change the things I wasn't happy with. Talking to Tina helped me greatly with this as I was able to talk through things which made it more clear about what I wanted my life to be like. The exercises Tina has provided me have really helped in many ways, more than i thought they would. My sleep pattern has improved, I worry less, and I am generally happier, Plus i feel they're quite entertaining to do.
I couldn't recommend Tina enough, It has been very easy to talk to Tina about things I thought no one could ever understand and I have never felt patronised or judged in any way. If in doubt it is a step worth taking.

Keeley Smith

I started seeing Tina about 6 months ago, I was on anti-depressants and anti-medication. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since the age of 13. I had also been in several abusive relationships and found myself in this cycle of being attracted to abusive and controlling men. I had low self worth and didn't really respect myself very much.
Since seeing Tina and doing the exercises she has given me and the talks we have, they have really empowered me. 6 months on I am off all my medication, I'm completely happy and my self worth has gone through the roof. I can see life more clearly and I am so much more focused. I have been single for a year now and have no interest of meeting anyone else, I am happy and content on my own.
I can't thank Tina enough for the work she has done for me and how much my  life has improved since meeting her and would recommend anyone to do the same. This really works, in fact it's the only thing that has ever worked for me and believe me I have tried everything.

Samantha Fraser

This time last year was totally different. I felt lost in my life with my friends and marriage. I had no confidence with not knowing who I truly was anymore or ever did. I had lost my mum at a young age of four and had no time with her, Being a mum myself of two young boys I knew I had to do something to change and find a way out of all this anxiety I felt everyday. A friend introduced me to Tina who had helped her recently and a friend who helped her before. I had noticed a big change in my friend but did not know how she begun to have all this confidence I myself wanted to have.
The day I walked through the door and met Tina my whole life changed. I sat with this wonderful kind lady and poured my heart out to her. I was so comftable in her presence and Tina picked up on all my emotions and that I had never grieved for my mum. The minute I left I felt a different sense of calmness in myself that someone had listened to me and knew how i was feeling. I went to see Tina every two weeks and I still go when I need advice or issues I need to let go of. I was given a series of exercises and I can only describe them miracle workers. 
I started feeling more stronger, confident and not let things get to me or anyone like i had before. I still do the exercises and they really do work and change your life for the better.
I have now spread my wings to a better place with my boys and doing it alone and that is something I thought i would never do. I would like to thank Tina for being their for me. I feel like i could talk to you like i could my mum. You have helped me with these simple exercises and I now have the fresh start I need. You are an inspirational women and true friend. Thank you for seeing me out of my old and being part of my new journey of life. You are truly AMAZING.


A few months ago I had met Tina and she had noticed that I was limping and asked me why, I told her that I have arthritis in both my hips and curvature of the spine. She took me to one side and placed her hands on my back and legs. The pain I get is immense but whatever she did worked wonders. I don't need to take as many painkillers now. She has not only helped with the amount of pain I was in but with my disturbed sleeping she showed me a few exercises to do, I complete them twice a day and my god do they help. I would highly recommend anyone with any sort of problem (physical or mentally) to go and see her. She is defiantly my guardian angel and a really good listener, and just an all-round wonderful lady in what she doe. It is a pleasure to call her a great friend.

Thank you so much.

I was a little cynical when I first heard that these exercises were as effective as they are, however having used them on and off for a few months I have noticed a few changes in myself.

  • I feel calmer, in that my mind isn't buzzing as much.

  • I can concentrate for longer.

  • I feel more relaxed in myself.

  • Interestingly I am more assertive and prepared to speak up for myself rather than keeping quiet and letting it get to me.

  • I'm letting things go and sleeping better, I also don't need a glass of wine beforehand to unwind.


Lisa Jayne

I have done these exercises that Tina has told me about I am 23 years old and I thought I didn't need to change anything. I felt like I was already confident person but sometimes just needed a bit of a boost. By completing these exercises I noticed;

  • I started to not care what people thought of me.

  • I was speaking up to people where normally I stay quiet.

  • At work I wouldn't let things get to me as much.

  • I've learned the word No.

  • I do not please everyone where I once did, It is on my terms.

  • I can stay calm in situations such as being in a car crash that wasn't my fault, a wave of calmness came over me and I was able to handle situation calmly.

  • When driving somewhere new I am calm and do not panic if I get lost or take a wrong turn.

These exercises have given me a new meaning to life, I don't have to stay quiet, I can stand up for myself. I feel like I can handle anything that life throws at me with such calmness and poise ​where as before I would just hide away and stay quiet.


Dear Tina, Thank you so much for all your help, in helping me over come my anxieties. After meeting you and talking about my fears you showed me a few simple exercises which helped me focus on what I was doing without panicking and stressing out which I had done for many years. I had to de-stress just to go to the shops, never mind planning my wedding vow renewal and a honeymoon abroad. Everything came together very quickly and no more room for panic attacks. We planned to go to Mexico for our honeymoon but I wasn't sure I could get on the flight as I had a fear of flying. 

My wedding day soon came around and after doing these exercises my nerves disappeared and it all went fabulous as I had no panic attacks. Then the big flight came all 10 hours of it, before hand i had a 5 minute wobble but then enjoyed the experience. We had a great 10 days away and I wasn't nervous about the long flight back, in fact it didn't bother me at all. Well it's been a year now and we have another holiday booked to Mexico. If you had told me I would of booked this holiday a few years ago I would have laughed.

Thank you so much for all your help, as I don't think I would of walked down that church aisle, or even got on that flight. I didn't think about it at the time with my day to day life and forgot I suffered with panic attacks. It's truly amazing what I have achieved with working together with Tina and it's been very life changing.

If you are reading this or Tina is reading this to you and you are going through the same thing, don't give up, Go and see Tina and it can help so much. I suffered for 15 years and faced my fear and enjoyed my big day, this can be you sooner than you think.


I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have met Tina, a good positive, kind-hearted lady that has helped changed my life. I’ve always suffered with cleaning OCD, but it never bothered me until I had my first child, then it started getting in the way. I would spend more time sweeping, wiping, mopping and tidying up rather than playing with my daughter. Recently I have gone through some upsetting and unfortunate events in my life so I was feeling pretty low about myself. 

One morning at work an angel came to visit and guess who it was, Tina of course. As I served Tina she told me about what she does and how she has helped people, I told her about my cleaning OCD and what events had happened to me recently. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about it all and wondered how on earth anyone would be able to help me with my mad cleaning and my low self-worth. But I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Tina is just amazing, I don’t know how she does it but I feel a different person now. From going to see Tina and working alongside her and following the exercises she gave me which I do every day.

 My OCD has calmed down so much that I use to clean every morning and evening and 2-3 times a day, but now I only have to do it after dinner. Even if my dog came in leaving muddy paw prints, I leave it until the evening as I know I would be taking her out again and there will be more prints to clean up later. I don’t clean all 3 toilets and sinks like I use to, just a few times a week like the average person does.

Now I have more time to spend with my daughter watching her grow rather than running around the house with a bottle of bleach and a sweeping brush every day.

I have noticed my confidence grew and I have overcome the negative things that have happened in my life. I now have a positive outlook and I won’t let anyone bring me down.

I would absolutely recommend Tina to anyone that is going through a hard time or in need of advice. She changed my life thank you Tina. 



A Valued Client

My partner died in October 2018 after a short but brutal fight with cancer. After his death I really struggled to get myself back on track. I was constantly tired and possibly depressed.

Then a friend suggested I try Loughborough Self Support Group (who have been wonderful) and there I met Tina as she volunteers for them. 

We had some consultations, Tina did some lovely healing and she asked me to try her exercises. They take just a few minutes a day and I will admit I felt pretty silly but I kept at it. It has taken months for me(not a 'quick fix' after all) but the difference is overwhelming. These are just some of the changes:

  • I have joined a local amateur dramatics group and I am building a social life as a single person for the first time in years.

  • My confidence is building and i'm not panicking about things when anything goes wrong.

  • I have stopped smoking and cut down on drinking (from every weekend to maybe once every 3-4 months for a special occasion).

  • I'm no longer tired all the time and definitely not depressed.

On the whole it has been about 6 months so far but i'm really grateful to both the group and Tina for helping me so much.


I have struggled with my OCD from the age of 6, I have had a number of NHS counselling and private sessions. Since i have met Tina i am amazed how much she has helped me in such a short period of time with her simple exercises. I have a far more positive attitude and more control over my OCD than at any other period in my life.


Tina has helped me a lot as a friend and as a coach. Tina is easy to talk to and a good listener. The exercises have helped me a lot with my OCD, stress and anxiety, confidence and I've noticed I don't bottle things up anymore and my mind is a lot quieter. It's made me a happier person.


Having been suffering with anxiety and depression for some time, I was recommended to Tina by a good friend, who was a previous client of hers.

Tina's calmness and listening skills, coupled with her professional expertise has resulted in me making a significant improvement in my condition. I was very dubious about the exercises that she gave me, but true to her word they worked.

I would truly recommend this kind lady to anyone who wants and wishes to improve their situation and quality of life.


Melton Mowbray, UK

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