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Hello, Heal the Mind, Heal the Body is currently unable to offer face to face sessions due to the current Government guidelines that have been set on Covid-19, however If you feel you need to talk to someone I will be able to offer over the phone consultations/sessions.

 Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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Hands On Healing

Coaching and Mentoring

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About Tina,

based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

I started this journey back in 2013 when I found my true calling in Coaching and Healing the Body. My passion, experience and calm nature yields great results for my clients. Seeing how far they have come and the positive changes I have impacted on their lives, truly makes this job my dream. If you work alongside me, not only will you receive confidential and unbiased coaching. You will also receive a programme of my tried and tested exercises, which have been developed over time and that will help you balance your chakras. My clients who have completed them have consistently seen great results. 


What you can expect if you work with me:

  • A boost in your confidence.

  • Control of your emotions.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Helps with nervousness.

  • Help to calm OCD.

  • Greater control over anxiety.

  • Less worrying.

  • More self-esteem.

  • Help with relationships.

  • Help with stress.


And Many More…


Only you can make a change and try something new, change can be scary and uncertain, however, if you work alongside me you can be certain that you will have my unwavering support, and together we will work to implement the positive changes that you desire… and deserve.


I also offer Hands on Healing, this is a natural form of healing I use to help ease pain on the body by unblocking negative energies that create blockages, this can prevent our natural energies from flowing smoothly through both our emotional and physical planes.


Our emotions can affect parts of the body and I believe that, if we are in control of our emotions, our bodies will naturally relax.


The Easiest Way is The Hardest and The Hardest Way is The Easiest.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed 



Heal The Mind, Heal The Body by Tina Fussey is committed to exceeding your needs, questions, comments or special requests. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. Please allow 48 Hours to hear from us.



Melton Mowbray, UK

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