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You deserve happiness.

The key to true happiness starts from within.

Make yourself number 1, trust yourself, stop hiding behind the mask.

Come and thrive.

Become balanced and embrace the true you.  

Hello and Welcome! You're on this page for a reason, I would love to say change happens overnight, from what I've experienced is that it comes with a little bit of time and patience, sometimes we just need a little guidance from an outsiders approach to help us move forward. If you still a little unsure book a free consultation with no obligation.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is like having a best friend, someone who can listen to all your worry's and help you view/change your situation/outlook from a different perspective. Coaching is turning your negatives into positives. It is also changing your beliefs (have you noticed you follow your parents beliefs and patterns?)

How can I help you? Lets look at the first step.

The easiest way is the hardest and the hardest way is the easiest.

History has a habit of repeating itself, however only you can make the decision to change, as much as we would love it to, change doesn't happen overnight. It is a journey of self discovery to realize our true potential. 

By saying Yes to coaching, It could be the best decision you make. You have the choice to take back control, and become the person your truly meant to be.

Firstly we will talk things over, then we will go through some questions together, these questions are most likely something you haven't been asked before. From here we will make a plan suited to yourself in order to move forward and grow.

I offer a unique style of coaching, which doesn't fail to get great results as you can see from my testimonials. 



3 Simple Steps...

Step 1

Discuss it...

Step 2

Break It


Step 3

Move Forward!

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Life is like the Grand National, you have a smooth run then you hit a hurdle...

How we handle the hurdle defines how we move forward...

Does a happy day revolve around what you have achieved or what you feel?

Heal The Mind, Heal The Body by Tina Fussey is committed to exceeding your needs, questions, comments or special requests. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. Please allow 48 Hours to hear from us.

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Happiness is a way of life not a destination...


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