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Hello, Heal the Mind, Heal the Body is now back up and running I am able to offer face to face sessions due to the government guidelines however Zoom, Skype and Telephone sessions are available to all locations.

What is coaching and how can i help you?

Coaching is like having a best friend, someone who can listen to all your worry's and help you view/change your situation/outlook from a different perspective. Coaching is turning your negatives into positives. It is also changing your beliefs (have you noticed you follow your parents beliefs and patterns?)

How can I help you? Lets look at the first step.

The easiest way is the hardest and the hardest way is the easiest.

History has a habit of repeating itself, however only you can make the decision to change, as much as we would love it to, change doesn't happen overnight. It is a journey of self discovery to realize our true potential. 

By saying Yes to coaching, It could be the best decision you make. You have the choice to take back control, and become the person your truly meant to be.

Firstly we will talk things over, then we will go through some questions together, along with that i will ask you do complete some daily exercises which is key to my style of coaching.

Head over to About Me to find out more. I can relate to you as I have been through all this myself, and this was how I use to feel. This is my reason for starting my journey of self discovery and aspiring others.


Could you benefit from working alongside me?

If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below, then you could benefit from a coaching session whether it's one or multiple that will be tailored to your goals.

Have you got to a point in life where you feel stuck and not sure what road to take?

Does your mind never shut off? Is this causing you to lose sleep?

Are you constantly trying to please everyone except yourself?

Do you worry what others think and feel like you're not good enough?

Do you lack confidence and self esteem?

Do you lack control over your emotions?​

Do you suffer from anxiety? Is it beginning to control your life?

How your feeling now, is this holding back your relationships with other people?

In our sessions we will work together to resolve negative points you would like to change, and take back control of your life.



Heal The Mind, Heal The Body by Tina Fussey is committed to exceeding your needs, questions, comments or special requests. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. Please allow 48 Hours to hear from us.

What my clients say...

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Life is like the Grand National, you have a smooth run then you hit a hurdle...

How we handle the hurdle defines how we move forward...

Are you a doormat or a doorbell?

If yes to a doormat, you could be pleasing others except yourself...

If yes to a doorbell you could benefit from a little guidance...

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Melton Mowbray, UK

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