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Hello my name is Tina, I specialise in life coaching. My journey of self discovery began in 2013, finding my true calling in helping my clients achieve the goals they desire. My passion, experience and calm nature yields great results for my clients. Seeing how far they have come and the positive changes and impact they have achieved from working with me truly makes this job my dream.

Taking the first step to see a coach can be scary and uncertain, you may ask yourself, would anyone be able to understand how I feel or why I am feeling like this? Believe me and you I have experienced the ups and downs of life, and it is from my own experiences I can guide you through any struggles you may have.

A few of my feelings I experienced throughout life. I always thought no one liked me, I never feel good enough or valued. I had no self esteem, lacked confidence and I was worried all the time, I always found myself pleasing others. I didn't have very good relationships with family and friends. I suffered with sleeping and switching off most nights wondering if I had said the wrong thing to someone and thought do they like me, this then kept setting my mindset for the next day that hasn't even happened yet. Through these stressful thoughts I suffered with server migraines and when I walked into a room full of people I didn't know I would instantly become anxious and the anxiety would set in.

This was all happening until I took the step to work on myself and change my mindset and energy. Through my own experiences I believe I can help you.

If you choose to work alongside me, not only will you receive confidential and unbiased coaching. You will also reach your goals. I work using 3 simple steps, Discuss It, Break It Down and Move Forward.

I do offer a bespoke style of coaching to most however my clients who have completed my coaching package have consistently seen great results, just take a look at my testimonials. 


What you can expect if you work with me:

  • A boost in your confidence.

  • Control of your emotions.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Helps with nervousness.

  • Help to calm OCD.

  • Greater control over anxiety.

  • Less worrying.

  • More self-esteem.

  • Help with relationships.

  • Help with stress.


And Many More…

Our emotions can affect parts of the body and I believe that, if we are in control of our emotions, our bodies will naturally relax and we become more healthier.

White Grass

The Easiest Way is The Hardest and The Hardest Way is The Easiest.


Melton Mowbray, UK

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